Space for artists in VILLA DI METROCITY


In 16th-century, Italian historic families 
sponsored their activities, inviting the artists 
to stay in their mansions, 
providing delicious food and inadequate conditions. 
They formed their own community called 'Camerata' 
to revitalize the development of culture and arts.
As an all known example, the Italian Medici family 
in the past supported numerous artists such as 
Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, and Michelangelo Buonaroti 
to make their artistic activities possible.


VILLA DI METROCITY designed the space 
with this inspiration. It is a 'LAB INSPIRATION', 
a space to support students, emerging artists, 
their dreams, which is a creative space that honors 
the Italian mansion.


‘LAB INSPIRATION’ is full of art books owned by Jihae Yang, 
a creative director and CEO of METROCITY. 
She placed many art books which she was inspired by, 
and expensive art books that students and young artists 
hesitate to purchase, so that they can easily read. 
It provides a space to awaken imagination by reading 
a variety of books in a comfortable chair, 
and supports them to realize their dreams.