Food Culture in Italy

Food Culture in Italy




Italian food culture is characteristic and publicized. 
With one meal, appetizer as a 1st course with pasta or rice, 
and the rest course with main dish, cheese, dessert, and coffee.

In the past in Italy, two times of snack times were usually 
held between three meals a day to fill the hunger. 
Breakfast is called “Colazione,” 
usually had an espresso or cappuccino with a slice of bread like croissant.

Bread and coffee called 'Spuntino' were eaten around 11 am. 
“Pranzo”, which is lunch, is a meal having it about two hours at home, 
but office workers usually takes it outside on their lunch times.

'Merenda', which is eaten around 3-5 pm, 
you can eat sliced pizza or cake with coffee. 
For dinner time around 8:30 pm, which is called 'Cena', 
you can eat lightly or heat up the meal which you ate for lunch.

‘Pranzo’ is the most important meal of the day having with family. 
1st course called “Primo Piatto”, 2nd course called “Secondo Piatto”, 
and lastly “Dolce” as a dessert. 
Soup, pasta, Risotto, and polenta is included in the primo piatto. 
Meat, fish or egg meal is normally included in secondo piatto.

Lastly for dolce, fruit or cake is served for dessert. 
Wine is served for the whole meal, and coffee at last.

Unfortunately, lunch time keeps on decreasing as the industry develops, 
showing the changing of the meal culture. 
These days, the family meal time usually holds in dinner time, 
but the size of the meal is getting simplified.