Privacy Policy

MT Collection (hereinafter “Company”) values the personal information of customers using the Company’s homepage, and has been doing its best to protect the personal information of users.

The Company complies with laws, including the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. The Company has also established, implemented, and disclosed the Guideline on Processing Personal Information through its homepage.

As the Company’s Guideline on Processing Personal Information may be changed, subject to changes in laws or notifications or the Company’s internal policies, and such changes are announced via the Company’s homepage, customers are recommended to check the details during their visits to the Company’s homepage.

Article 1 Consent to Collection of Personal Information and Collection Method

1. As the Company integrates and operates the brand websites and its website, the same Guideline on Processing Personal Information applies to the brand websites and other websites operated by the Company.

2. “Members” mean users that have signed up for the Company’s membership by providing their personal information for the Company.

3. “Non-members” mean the users that use the services offered by the Company without signing up for membership at the Company’s websites

Article 2 Personal Information Items Collected and Collection Method

1.The Company shall collect the minimum personal information items of users upon signing up for membership for the rendering of services. The Company may request users to indicate their personal information for the rendering of new services, events, and delivery of products. The indicated information shall not be used for any purposes other than the rendering of such services or purposes previously disclosed to users.

Collection Method Purpose of Collection and Use
NAME,ID,PW Use for self-authentication procedure upon the use of services, verification of users’ ages, the service of disclosing users’ personal information
(DM/SMS/MMS/TM) Whether to receive information, Cell phone number, Address, E-mail address, whether to receive e-mails or newsletters Securing smooth communication channels for delivering notifications and handling complaints, announcements on new service information, and securing accurate delivery destinations for the delivery of gifts and purchased goods
Details of purchase transactions, points accumulation/details of points used Materials for integrated membership management, such as the management of points granted in return for the use of services by users and purchases of goods

2. The Company collects users’ personal information that is required for signing up for membership through its website and necessary personal information in the following cases.
A. Customer consulting: Dealing with users’ inquiries and requests at the Company’s stores and customer center and preparing documents for the arbitration of disputes
B. Accepting after-service request forms: Filling in the application form on after-sale services for products sold by the Company

Article 3 Use of Personal Information for Non-Designated Purposes and Provision and Sharing of Personal Information with a Third Party

1. The Company shall use users’ personal information to the extent notified by the Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information. The Company shall neither use such personal information in a way that exceeds such extent nor provide such personal information for other individuals, firms, or institutions.

2. The following cases are exceptions.
A. There is any special provision in the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Communications Secrets Protection Act, the Framework Act on National Taxes, the Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Confidentiality, the Credit Information Use and Protection Act, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Local Tax Act, the Customers Protection Act, the Criminal Procedure Act.
B. Personal information is provided for research institutions and survey and research companies for the compilation of statistics or academic or market research in a form that prevents the identity of a certain individual from being verified.

Article 4Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing

1. The Company may entrust the management of users’ personal information to outside professional organizations for the improvement of services and smooth computer processing.

2. The Company shall also manage and supervise such outsourced companies to protect users’ personal information through outsourcing contracts and other means. The Company shall ensure service providers’ strict compliance with instructions related to the protection of personal information, confidentiality of personal information, and prohibition of provision of personal information for third parties without users’ consent.

3. The outsourced companies and their outsourced duties are as follows:

Outsourced Companies Details of Outsourced Duties
storecamera Maintaining and repairing websites
Café 24 Sending E-mails
Usungsoft Sending text messages, such as SMS and MMS
NICE information Service Co. Ltd. Korea Mobile Certification Verification of real names and self-authentication
Inicis PG service
Lotte Logistics Corp. Logen Delivery Service, CJ,Logistics Corporation, Hanjin Delivery Service, KGB Delivery Service, Jin Kyoung Co., Ltd. Jewel Valley, Jinwon ICT Delivery of products and gifts
Biz-con Service of sending gift-con

Article 5 Retention and Destruction of Personal Information

1. The Company shall retain all information provided by users during the period when such users are provided with services; this information is retained for the purpose of providing the services only. The Company or any third party that receives personal information from the Company shall destroy such personal information without delay when the purpose of collecting or being provided with such personal information has been fulfilled. Upon requesting withdrawal of membership, users’ personal information shall be entirely deleted from storage devices in an irretrievable manner and processed in a manner that prevents such personal information from being accessed or used.

2. Users’ personal information shall be destroyed in the following manner when the purpose of collecting or being provided with personal information has been fulfilled.
A. Any personal information printed out on paper: Destroyed by being shredded through shredders or burnt
B. Any personal information stored in electronic files: Deleted through technological methods that render such files unusable
However, if users’ personal information needs to be retained to verify the rights and obligations in connection with transactions in accordance with the provisions of relevant statutes, such as the Korean Commercial Code, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and Others, and the Framework Act on National Taxes, it shall be retained.
C. Records on agreements or withdrawal of offers: Five (5) years
D. Records on payments and the supply of goods: Five (5) years
E. Records on the handling of customers’ complaints and disputes: Three (3) years

3. If users demand access to transactional information retained by the Company with such users’ consent, then the Company shall immediately take measures to ensure that such information is accessed or checked.

Article 6 Collection of Personal Information via Cookies

1. The Company may install and operate cookies that store and frequently retrieve users’ information. A cookie means a string of characters that a website sends to users’ computer browsers (Netscape, Internet Explorer, and others). If a user accesses the Company’s website, the Company’s computers may read the contents of cookies stored on such user’s web browser and provide services by searching for additional information in such a user’s computer, without requiring such a user to enter such additional information. Cookies identify users’ computers but do not personally identify users. In addition, users have the right of choice over the installation of cookies. They may accept or reject all cookies, or receive notices whenever cookies are installed, by clicking “Tools>Internet Options on the upper menu bar of a web browser.

2. A company operating the cookies of the Company may do so for the convenience of users. The information collected by the Company through cookies shall be limited to Members’ IDs and shall not include any other information. Members’ IDs collected through cookies shall be used for the following purposes:
A. Providing differentiated information depending on individuals’ interests
B. Identifying users’ tastes and interests by analyzing the access frequency or staying time of Members or non-Members, and using them for target marketing
C. Tracing the information on items purchased and items to which users pay attention and providing tailor-made services during their next visits to the Company’s website
D. Analyzing customers’ habits and using them as a measure for the reshuffling of services (Cookies registered at bulletin board postings expire when the user logs out or the browser is closed.)

Article 7 Access, Modification, or Deletion of Personal Information

1. Users may access or modify their personal information registered at the Company at any time. If users wish to access or modify their personal information, they may click the Company’s Members’ Information Management Menu and directly access or modify their personal information. They may also do so by sending e-mails or written requests to a chief privacy officer or a personal information handling employee at the Company. Then, the Company shall take relevant measures without any delay.

2. If users demand the correction of any errors in their personal information, such personal information shall be neither used nor provided until such errors have been corrected.

Article 8 Withdrawal of Consent to Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

1. Users may withdraw their consent to the collection, use, and provision of their personal information upon signing up for membership at any time by clicking Withdrawal of Consent (Membership) in the Personal Information Management Menu on the initial landing page of the Company’s website. They may also the chief privacy officer of the Company in writing, by telephone, or through e-mail. Then, the Company shall immediately take necessary measures, such as deletion of personal information.

2. The Company shall take necessary measures to ensure that users withdraw their consent (membership) to the collection of their information in an easier method than the method of collecting personal information.

Article 9 Technological and Administrative Measures for the Protection of Personal Information

1. Technological Measures
A. The Company shall seek the following technological measures for security purposes to ensure that users’ personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, forged, counterfeited, or damaged.
B. Users’ personal information shall be deemed to be important data and thus protected via separate security functions, including encryption of files and transmitted data or files’ lock functions.
C. he Company takes a measure for preventing damage from computer viruses by using anti-virus programs (i.e. vaccine programs). Personal information breachesare prevented by regularly updating these anti-virus programs. Anti-virus programs that tackle the sudden outbreak of new viruses are immediately provided upon their launch
D. The Company adopts a secure sockets layer that enables personal information to be transmitted securely via networks by using encryption algorithms.

2. Administrative Measures
A. he Company shall grant the minimum number of its employees the right to access users’ personal information, as well as establish internal procedures for access and management of such personal information. These measures include control of entry and exit from locations where such personal information is stored and securing such locations with locks. The Company shall have its employees be aware of and comply with such procedures.
B. The hand-over and take-over of duties by the employees handing users’ personal information are strictly conducted in a secure condition. The Company clearly stipulates employees’ responsibilities for personal information breaches after their employment and resignation from the Company.
C. The Company shall not be liable for incidents caused by individual users’ mistakes or basic dangers inherent on the Internet. Individual members shall manage their ID and password in an appropriate manner to protect their personal information, and they bear the liability in connection with the foregoing.
D. If users’ personal information is lost, leaked, counterfeited, or damaged due to an internal manager’s errors or technological and administrative accidents, the Company shall immediately inform users about this and seek appropriate measures and compensation.

Article 10 Links to Other Websites

The Company may offer users links to other companies’ websites or data. In such a case, as the Company has no control over such websites or data, it shall not be liable for or guarantee the usefulness of the services from such websites or data. If users move to another website by clicking the links on the Company’s websites, the guideline on processing personal information applying to another website is irrelevant to the Company. Users are therefore recommended to review the guideline specific for the website they newly visit.

Article 11 Protection of Personal Information of Children under Fourteen Years of Age

The Company restricts children under fourteen years of age from signing up for membership under its own policies and to specifically protect the personal information of children.

Article 12 Department for Protecting Personal Information and Handling Relevant Complaints

The Company does its best to ensure that users securely use good-quality information. The following is the officer responsible for handling personal information. The Companyreplies to inquiries related to personal information swiftly and sincerely.

Department for Handling Personal Information
* Name: Personal Information Breach Report Center
* Title: Head of Center
* E-Mail :

Article 13 Opinion Gathering and Complaint Handling

1. The Company values users’ opinions. Users are entitled to receive sincere replies to their inquiries.

2. The Company operates a customer consulting center for smooth communication with users, and its contact point is as follows:

Complaint Handling Center
*Tel : +82-1566-1165
* E-Mail:
* We reply to inquiries made via e-mail within 24 hours after accepting such inquiries. In principle, such inquiries received after working hours or on weekends and public holidays shall be handled on the following day.
* If you need other consulting on personal information, you may make inquiries to the Personal Information Breach Report Center, E-Privacy Mark Committee, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, Forensic Science Investigation Department, and the National Policy Agency’s Cyber Terror Response Center. E-Commerce Mediation Committee

E-Commerce Mediation Committee
* Tel: +82-1661-5714
* URL :

Personal Information Breach Report Center
* Tel: +82-2-405-4118
* URL :

E-Privacy Mark Committee
* Tel: +82-2-580-0533
* URL :

Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, Forensic Science Investigation Department
* Tel: +82-2-3480-2000
* URL :

National Policy Agency, Cyber Terror Response Center
* URL:

Article 14 Obligation to Notify

The Guideline on Processing Personal Information may be changed, subject to changes in laws, policies, and the Company’s internal operational guideline or security technology. In such a case, the Company shall announce the reasons and details of such change on the landing page of the Company’s website at least seven (7) days prior to when such amended Guideline takes effect (in case of amendments disadvantageous to users, thirty (30) days).

Notification Date for the Guideline on Processing Personal Information: 2016-05-24

Effective Date for the Guideline on Processing Personal Information: 2016-05-31