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제품사양 : 목걸이
소재 : 14K골드
중량 : 약 2.18g (평균치이므로 약간의 오차가 있을 수 있습니다.)
사이즈 : 약 7*13mm (평균치이므로 약간의 오차자 있을 수 있습니다.)
스톤 : -
제조자 : (주)엠티콜렉션
제조국 : 대한민국
AS 책임자와 전화번호 : (주)엠티콜렉션 1566-1165

· Customer Service: address
· Contact Information: info@metrocityworld.com
· Damage to leather or the material itself is not covered by the warranty.
· If the product is sold out, it may be unable to be repaired due to unstable supply of materials.
· All products from METROCITY official site, department stores, and outlet stores have the same warranty policy.

Standards of Quality Assurance
· Damaged products can be repaired free of charge within 6 months (warranty period) of the purchase day. (Poor needlework, however, can be repaired free of charge at any time.)
· Damage to products, products with deformation due to mistakes in washing, or products more than 6 months past the purchase date may be repaired with a charge.
· Mending to change designs is not available.
· The standards of quality assurance abide by relevant regulations and the consumer dispute resolution criteria.

Shipping / Exchange / Returns

· Delivery takes 30 business days from the time the order is confirmed and goes through OOOO. (Please understand that delivery may be delayed due to holidays or delivery service circumstances.)

Issues Regarding Orders
· This product may differ in color according to screen resolution, computer specifications, and photo environment.
· The listed product size may differ slightly according to the measuring method and design.

Exchanges and Returns
· An email must be sent to info@metrocityworld.com regarding exchanges or returns within 30 days of receiving the product. (Please note that exchanges and returns are not applicable if the package has been opened and used or the product is damaged.)
· Discretionary returns cannot be made for damaged products or misdeliveries. These must go through UPS. (Discretionary returns through other delivery services will be returned whether they are damaged products or misdeliveries.)
· Products must be received at UPS in a box with a product return form (customer name/contact information/reason for return) enclosed in order to be confirmed and to allow exchanges and returns.
· Please note that exchanges and returns are unavailable for any used product for any reason (including misdeliveries and damaged products).
· Exchanged products cannot be returned, and products cannot be exchanged or returned if the dust bags or additional gifts are lost.

Exchange and Return Information
E-mail Address: info@metrocityworld.com

Handling Precautions

Handling Precautions for Quilted Products (MC, CSY)
· Handle with care. Direct sunlight, moisture (sweat, cosmetic products, perfume), friction and impacts may cause discoloration or peeling.
· Please wipe with a soft cloth before and after using the product, and store away from outside air.
· Assistance may be provided following a customer service inquiry if discoloration occurs after a certain period of time.

Handling Precautions for Patent Leather Products
· The material of this product has been coated with enamel. Please keep in mind that cracks may appear if stored at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius for long periods of time.
· Please keep in a dust bag for long-term storage.
· Please keep in mind that stains may appear if the surface is covered with vinyl or newspaper for long periods of time.

Handling Precautions for PVC
· PVC has a stain-proof finish. However, prolonged friction may lead to color staining. Please handle with care.br> · Contact with jeans or dark colors may particularly result in stains on products with bright colors.
· Avoid exposure to abrasive materials or direct heat sources such as fan heaters. Please wipe off any stains gently with a soft cloth.

Handling Precautions for Printed Products
· Printed products are peel-proof thanks to a special coating finish. However, please handle with care to avoid scratches or cuts.

Handling Precautions for Natural Leather and Shrunken Leather
· Made using only high-quality cowhide parts. A quality, distinguished feel is provided by using a natural embossing finish in lieu of heat-processed embossing. However, some of the embossing on the product may be uneven.
· The leather is extremely soft and may stretch when pulled hard or when carrying heavy items for long periods of time.

Handling Precautions for BBG
· Creases that appear in the BBG due to folding may never disappear.
· Avoid exposure to abrasive materials or direct heat sources such as fan heaters. Stains may occur from prolonged friction. Please wipe away stains gently with a soft cloth.
· Items with colors prone to bleeding (ex: dyed paper) may bleed onto the product if stored for a long period of time under humid conditions.

Handling Precautions for Matte Animal Print Leather, including Matte Crocodile Print Leather, Anaconda Print Leather, etc.
· The matte embossed leather has been finished using a limited amount of chemicals and may discolor or bleed. Colors may become dull if exposed to halogen light for long periods of time.
· The embossed leather is durable, but the hard, structured form of the product may cause deformation in the inner stiffeners that maintain the product’s form. This deformation can be avoided by filling up the product with newspaper or standard paper when storing it.

Handling Precautions for all Leather Products
· Gently wipe off stains in a dabbing motion using a dry cloth. Once done, maintain the form of the product and store it in a well-ventilated environment away from direct sunlight.
· Please keep out of snow or rain when in use. If the product has been exposed to snow or rain, wipe off the moisture using a dry cloth before the leather absorbs the moisture.
· When storing for long periods of time, maintain the product’s shape using paper and store in a dust bag if possible.

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